JWT Essex


If you are experiencing vibrations or shaking from your steering wheel or excessive tyre wear or tyres which do not seem to be lasting very long after purchase then it is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from some damage.

You may have fallen victim to the ‘pothole plague’ and had that awful feeling where you cannot avoid going through a pothole due to the traffic conditions and then experience that crunching sound when your wheel gets bent in some way. No matter how minor the damage is, it still will have consequences for the general ongoing health of your car. Damaged wheels also lead to MOT test failures and in the worst case the car will be unsafe to drive if a wheel becomes structurally unsafe.

Out of shape wheels will not only destroy your tyres but the vibrations can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension components of your vehicle. In their worst form they will not hold air or lose air rapidly.

All of these situations imply that your wheel needs straightening, which is something we can provide while you wait.