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Modern vehicles put huge demands on the battery, often meaning that the battery must power the vehicle whilst the engine is ‘off’. This has accelerated the EU’s determination to hit targets and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced by cars as the industry accounts for approximately 12% of the total CO2 emissions produced.

Faced with this new challenge, the vehicle producers introduced ‘Start/Stop’, in various formats, in new Hybrid cars. All new Hybrid vehicles place hugely increased demands on the battery and those equipped with Brake Energy Regeneration require an entirely new battery solution.

Did you know?

  1. On new cars changing the battery can be more complicated than a simple swap; sometimes you need a reset tool and on certain cars you need to reset the windows.
  2. We are one of few in the area to be able to safely change your start/stop battery.

What batteries do JWT use?

Tungstone Batteries Essex


The Tungstone brand, with its heritage, is recognised at consumer and trade level for providing ‘Power & Knowledge’, which stands for premium quality, performance & reliability. The Tungstone range meets the specification originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

Tungstone understand the need to adapt to an ever changing market, refining features and consumer imagery in line with market needs. Following extensive market research, new labels have been introduced. Research clearly identified that the blue and silver combination, used throughout the range, suggested increased power and performance in the buyer’s mind.

Start/Stop technology

ECM batteries

ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat), also known as AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) or EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), has been developed to meet the needs of standard, entry-level start-stop vehicles. It’s an evolution of the traditional lead-acid battery that has been designed to meet the requirements of the new Start/Stop Micro-Hybrid compact vehicles that have entered the market.

PLEASE NOTE: this range is specifically manufactured to be installed on Micro-Hybrid vehicles that do not have the regenerative braking system.

AGM batteries

AGM batteries are designed more specifically for larger, more demanding start-stop vehicles that use addition technologies to reduce fuel consumption. The main distinguishing feature of the AGM battery is the ‘Gas Recombination’ technology it utilises. This process keeps any Oxygen & Hydrogen that may have escaped from a standard lead acid battery within the AGM battery throughout the charging cycle.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is manufactured specifically for Micro-Hybrid vehicles fitted with the Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and other technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption, such as;

  • Gear Shift Indicators
  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • High Efficiency Alternators
  • Double Clutch Gear
  • Enhanced Starter Motor
  • Steering & Braking By Wire

PLEASE NOTE: AGM batteries can be fitted on all Start/Stop vehicles but you must replace ‘like for like’ where AGM was originally fitted.