Car Batteries In Essex

At Jet Wheel Tyre we offer high quality car batteries from £50 at either of our local branches in Benfleet, Pitsea and Rayleigh, all car batteries are professionally fitted by our team of expert technicians.

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AGM & EFM Batteries

We are stockists of AGM & EFM Batteries and carry a good stock at all times.

We offer battery replacements at our Benfleet, Pitsea & Rayleigh branches. We can also use our diagnostic tools to reset the smart charging features on many new cars.

Choosing the right battery for your vehicle is really important as many vehicles use stop start technology when stuck in traffic, the batteries for these type of vehicles need to be able to start the car thousands more times than a standard battery.

The cars battery is the only independent source of power and is put under the most stress when starting a vehicle, if the battery does not have enough power there is a chance that the voltage may drop significantly which can interfere and damage the range of electrical gadgets so common in modern vehicles such as phones, plug in sat navs, plug in dvd's etc.

Our batteries come with a guarantee of professional fitting and superb quality.

You can use our contact form or call in to book car batteries at one of our branches in Essex.

Battery Replacement & Repairs

Start / Stop Batteries & Battery Resets (while you wait).

Your car battery is, quite simply your cars lifeline; it is the sole independent power source for your car so it is vitally important that you check your vehicle battery regularly.

Batteries, as you may expect are more likely to fail when the weather turns colder and damper during the winter months however, they can also fail without warning in the summer. We offer easy solution by stocking various car batteries to repair or replace your batteries in no time.

Our technicians provide professional fitting with inspections too so that you don’t have to worry if your car is not starting or in case of sudden breakdowns.

Car batteries are the sole power supply to keep your vehicle moving. Jet Wheel stocks powerful car batteries that will last longer.

We are here to serve you in the following areas so that you don’t miss out any important event.

We offer car batteries & fitting services in Benfleet, Rayleigh, Pitsea and Basildon.

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