Car Puncture Repairs Near Me In Essex

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Car puncutre repairs across Essex at one of our 3 depots covering Benfleet, Rayleigh and Pitsea. Here at Jet Wheel Tyre we offer a detailed tyre inspection service & have various repair options available across our Essex branches in Benfleet, Pitsea and Rayleigh for a wide range of tyres. Our car tyre repair policy is dependant on the location, size and number of repairs that can be carried out on the tyre. We use a plug and patch method, meaning the puncture is not only patched but plugged to ensure a secure seal.

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Which Tyre Damage Can Be Repaired?

The punctures location will have an impact on whether it is repairable, as long as the puncture is on the main tread of the tyre it is repairable, however, if it is on the outer edge of the tyre it cannot be repaired.

Our expert technicians inspect tyres with precision. We exclude any tyres which have been permanently damaged because post repair safety is our priority. Those which fall under the following criteria are then ready to be repaired:

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