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Tyres age and wear, there is no getting away from it unfortunately.  However, there are ways you can ensure your tyres do not wear down unnecessarily.  Since the cost of replacing your tyres is never something any car driver looks forward to, preserving them for as long as possible makes a lot of sense.  Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your tyres:

Rotate Your Tyres

When you replace your car tyres you never really think that moving them around the car over time.  As you do not often buy all 4 tyres in one go you want to rotate the tyres around the car in pairs to ensure you get even wear, especially for front-wheel drive vehicles.  Rotating the tyres can mean you spend less on replacement over time.

Check Your Tyres Pressures

It has been researched that underinflated tyres have a greater chance of wearing down more quickly.  Point-S says that tyres can lose pressure without it being obviously detected, so you need to use a pressure gauge. Along with the tyres wearing more quickly, underinflated tyres lead to harder steering and braking.  Underinflated tyres are also less economical to run.  So in short, check your pressures or pop it down to us today to check and save yourself not only your tyres tread but your petrol will go a bit further to!

Get Your Wheels Aligned

The outcome of poorly aligned wheels is that one side of the tread wears a lot quicker than the other.  Even if one side of your tyre is still above the legal limit, if the alignment is out and it has worn on the other then the tyre still needs replacing.  It is always worth trying to avoid obstacles in the road, but even small bumps and potholes can cause problems.  If you cannot avoid a pothole of two in your journey then take the time to have the wheels aligned to ensure they wear evenly and get the most life out of your tyres.

Adjust Your Driving Style

I know it’s sometimes hard, but if you avoid pulling away from those red lights with your foot to the floor, and don’t dump the clutch and hit the accelerator hard to beat the car beside you into the merging lane, then you may ease the unnecessary pressure on your tyres.  Simply relaxing on the road and taking your time will help you preserve your tyres and probably up your MPG saving you money on fuel at the same time!



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