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With the Christmas lights on and holiday plans in place, Jet Wheel Tyre is urging drivers to check their car’s tyres before they head off on Festive visits.

Staggeringly, research has revealed more than half of all tyres are below the recommended settings, which is especially dangerous when a car is fully-laden with family, luggage and gifts on board. Low air pressure in tyres makes a vehicle more difficult to control and reduces the amount of grip with the road, increasing braking distances and the chances of aquaplaning.

Car manufacturers typically recommend two air pressures for the vehicle – one with a light load and the other for use when it is fully-loaded. The settings can be found in the handbook, filler cap or even on the pillar inside the door. Pressures should be adjusted when the tyres are cold and not when the car has been driven for any significant distance, ideally less than two miles.

While adjusting pressures, Jet Wheel Tyre is also advising drivers to check the tyres have enough tread. The legal limit is 1.6mm but if the owner is in any doubt, it should be checked.

For those who don’t feel confident doing that themselves, Jet Wheel Tyre is offering a free Christmas tyre check. Jet Wheel Tyre will also ensure there condition of the tyres is roadworthy, with no lumps bumps or embedded objects in them.

As an official supporter of TyreSafe, Jet Wheel Tyre has been campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of regular tyre checks to minimise the risk of a tyre-related incident.

Cliff Crane, Director, Jet Wheel Tyre, said: “Far too many accidents are caused simply because drivers haven’t checked their tyres before they take to the road. Even if that results in a puncture or other tyre-related breakdown, you can be sure the journey will be nowhere near as pleasant as it might have been. Between them, the breakdown recovery services attend hundreds of thousands of tyre-related call-outs every year so you can be sure of a wait before help will arrive.

“Jet Wheel Tyre wants Castle Point and Basildon’s motorists to have a tyre safe and Merry Christmas. All are welcome to visit us and let us help them reduce the risks of an incident on the roads during the holiday season.”      

For more information, call 01268 988552 or visit or log on to for further details on the importance of tyre safety.

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