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As the long Easter weekend approaches, families are preparing to set off to spend time with relatives, which may involve long journeys up and down the country. This year is set to be even busier than last year, as 26 million drivers are planning journeys over the Easter period, according to an AA poll*. Data recorded by TyreSafe supporter Highways England shows more than 1 billion miles were driven last Easter weekend**.

Motorists may even encounter snow in the North of England and Scotland according to the Met Office***.

With such varied driving conditions likely it is essential for motorists to check their tyres before making any long journeys this Easter urges TyreSafe.

One of the main causes for concern is the number of vehicles driven on underinflated tyres. TyreSafe reported last year that underinflated tyres were costing the British economy £600 million in unnecessary fuel costs as well as increasing the risk of being involved in an incident. Motorists must remember when taking a family trips, their vehicle is likely to be carrying more passengers and luggage than usual, meaning the tyre pressures must be adjusted to suit the new heavier load.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “The four-day Easter weekend offers motorists the chance of a break with their families, which will be all the more enjoyable knowing they’ve taken every precaution to stay safe while travelling. That’s especially true for those who are making longer journeys than they’re used to in a vehicle with a much heavier load than normal.

“Ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated, have no cuts, lumps or bulges, and adequate tread depth can help reduce the risk of incidents on the roads. These simple checks can be crucial to a good Easter weekend.” 

TyreSafe has also offered some egg-sential Easter advice for the period.

Air Pressure – correct tyre pressures are shown on a sticker in your car’s door shut, filler cap or in the owner’s manual.  Use an accurate pressure gauge to ensure they are right for the load as part of your pre-journey planning

Condition – stones and other objects in the tread should be removed. Bulges, cracks, cuts and embedded objects are cause for concern and need to be checked by a professional

Tread – use a 20p coin to see whether your tyres’ tread depths are at least 1.6mm. Insert the 20p at several points across and around each tyre. If you can see the coin’s outer rim at any point the tyre is illegal and must be changed immediately.                                                       

*Source: AA-Populus received 20,435 responses from AA members to its online poll between 13 and 20 March 2018.

**Source: Highways England Easter Getaway press release issued on 13 March 2018

***Source: Met Office press release on a Mixed Picture For Easter issued on 26 March 2018


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