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  • Why are tyres black?

Well the black colour of tyres comes from carbon black, a material that provides improved wear characteristics and heat-dissipation capabilities when added to rubber compounds.   Natural rubber is an off-white colour and in fact the first rubber tyres were white!

Now onto some useful information…

  • There are so many tyre brands to choose from, how do I know which one to choose?

Discussing your needs with a tyre professional will help you figure out what tyre is best suited to you, your budget and your driving requirements.  A professional tyre person will ask you questions about your expectations of the product, the type of driving you do, how long you expect to keep the car etc.  A salesperson will just ask the size of the tyre and will not be ensuring you receive the most suitable tyre for your needs.

  • Aren’t all tyres the same?

This is a common misunderstanding.  Like all products in the marketplace there are different tyres to suit different requirements.  Tyre manufacturers will focus on different aspects depending on the requirements of the buyer e.g. wet or dry traction, high mileage, high speed control, steering response, ride comfort etc.  Science plays a massive part in the design and manufacture of tyres, different configurations of various materials will result in different advantages and disadvantages of the tyre.

  • How much should I pay for a tyre?

Cost will vary depending on many factors.  Most professional tyre retailers have a range of tyres to offer in economy, mid-range and premium categories.  In some cases, the economy brand tyres have been made using 10 year old technology and do not carry the same warranties and life span as some of the other products available.  The tyre you choose will of course depend on your budget but there are many other factors that make up the tyres price i.e. longevity, wet grip (stopping distance in the wet), comfort and noise; it is always recommended you seek the advice from a tyre professional before making this decision

  • My friend says he can mount my tyre for me, why should I pay a tyre shop to do it?

Unless your friend is a trained tyre technician with access to the proper equipment, it is not advisable to have them mount your tyre.  Improper mounted tyres can cause wear problems, shorten the life span of the tyre and most importantly, a tyre mounted incorrectly could come apart with explosive force causing injury.

  • Does it make a difference where I buy my tyres?

There are hundreds and hundreds of tyre retailers to choose from, ranging from your back street shop to your premium fitting centres.  You should select a supplier whom you have confidence in and who will be there for you in case of any problems that may arise.  Get to know the retailers in your local area, talk to them and get a feel for their knowledgeability and professionalism.  A retailer who answers your questions with confidence and has recommendations is obviously your best choice.

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