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Before we start did you know? (Survey by TyreSafe on 1,000 young drivers)

  • 1 in 3 had never checked their tyres’ tread depth
  • 85% thought the penalties for driving with a defective tyre were lower than they actually are
  • 62% thought the legal limit for tread depth was lower than it is

See the top tips to keep you safe on the road

1. Resist using your phone whilst driving

That text or call can wait. Don't risk you and your passenger's life by reading that text; taking your eyes off the road can cause catastrophic consequences. 

2. Don’t be the show off and risk taker

Both sexes show off more to young male passengers than to young women and some find it 'cool' not to wear a seat belt even though this cuts the chance of being killed in a crash by a half.

3. Before a long journey check the essentials

Before every journey check: - Tyres don't have worn patches, cracks or bulges? If they do, consult your garage - Brakes are working, by applying them gently while driving very slowly. If you think there's a problem with your vehicle, or you're not sure how to do the above checks, talk to your local garage. Don't even think about messing about with your braking systems or engine if you're not a trained mechanic

4. Take advanced training

No matter how careful you are, advanced training will improve the way in which you drive and increase your chances of staying safe and avoiding a crash or collision. (Link to relevant page(s) in training section in due course)

5. Maintain your car

Every week check:

  • Tyre tread depth? Less than 3mm is dangerous in wet or icy weather
  • Tyre pressure? Use a pressure gauge when tyres are cold (the right pressure is in your vehicle handbook)
  • Oil and water levels are okay
  • Lights are clean and bulbs aren't blown
  • Wiper blades aren't split or worn
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