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We are all keen to spend as little money as possible on essentials, like new tyres when ours are on the legal limit, new brakes when all we here is that horrible screech whenever we arrive at those inconvenient red lights.  However, skimping on the ‘extras’ can be a false economy.  So is wheel alignment an extra that we can afford to skip?

Without a doubt the answer is no!

Wheel alignment has at least four great reasons to gain of this little extra:

  1. It helps prolong the life of your tyres
  2. It reduces uneven wear on car parts, therefore reducing expensive repairs!
  3. Improve vehicle handling
  4. Maximises fuel consumption

What causes my wheels to be out of alignment?

There are many causes to your wheels being out of alignment, for example; hitting a kerb, driving into a pothole, excessive tyre wear and steering or suspension components damaged or worn to excess

When should I get my wheels aligned?

A good question!  If you hit a pot hole, kerb or the car pulls to one side, you have a wonky steering wheel, uneven tyre wear or you are changing your tyres.

Does this not come as standard when purchasing tyres?

Wheel alignment is not standard when your tyre is purchased.  Once you have the information on why you should take the time and expense with wheel alignment, you decide if you want to make this purchase.  Just note, wheel balancing is a different operation, ensuring smooth running of your tyres without vibration and is usually automatically included when you purchase new tyres.

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