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What's the difference between Summer and Winter tyres?  What are the benefits? Is there really that much difference in performance?




First let’s start with some simple facts:

Dry Braking: (braking from 62MPH >15 degrees)

  • Summer Tyre: 36.6m
  • Winter Tyre:  44.1m
  • All Season Tyre: 41.9m

Wet Braking: (braking from 62MPH >15 degrees)

  • Summer Tyre: 51.3m
  • Winter Tyre:  57.3m
  • All Season Tyre: 54.9m

Snow Braking: (braking from 25MPH)

  • Summer Tyre: 34.2m
  • Winter Tyre:  16.5m
  • All Season Tyre: 17.7m

(Based on Continental)

So when do you need Summer Tyres?

Rule of Thumb: Use a summer tyre between Easter and October

During warmer weather (temperatures above 7°C) Jet Wheel Tyre recommend using summer tyres.  Summer tyres give high grip levels on wet and dry roads through their special tread patterns.  They also provide high driving stability in corners and the best mileage performance at summer temperatures.

When do you need Winter Tyres?

As winter approaches (October time), drivers should start planning for whatever the weather may throw at them. Usually, during winter there is a good mix of ice, rain and dry spells, with the possibility of snow. To cope with this mix of different road conditions, winter tyres are strongly recommended.

So, when the thermometer reaches 7 °C it’s time to give your summer tyres a rest.  The roads will normally start becoming wet, cold and slippery; winter tyres provide a much better grip under these conditions than summer tyres. For your own safety, it’s a good idea to change to winter tyres before the start of the season.

What you should know about All Season Tyres. 

We strongly recommend using the appropriate tyre for each season. That means driving on summer tyres in the warmer time of the year and with winter tyres during the cold period. However, if you want an all-around tyre for the whole year the all-season tyre is the best option for you.

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