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School Safety Incentive Scheme

We at Jet Wheel Tyre are about to expand our Safety Incentive Scheme involving local schools in the area. 

We take great pleasure in supporting some of the schools in the areas events and activities and would like to continue this support by offering a 5% cash back end of year cheque to spend on whatever the school would like or need.

Let me briefly explain how this would work, if Jet Wheel Tyre were used by choice by staff members, parents, friends and family throughout the year, all they need to do is quote the school name when purchasing. At the end of the year we would calculate all that the school, staff, parents, friends and family have spent on tyres and give the school a 5% cashback by way of a cheque.

We are already extremely competitive on prices and have achieved the Michelin 5* Accreditation certificate, we are also a Pirelli Platinum Performance Centre.

As part of this scheme it is not just tyres, Jet Wheel Tyre can provide the following (which would be included in the yearly cost calculator):

  • Wheel alignment
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Exhausts
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • TPMS

Ultimately at Jet Wheel Tyre, safety is of the utmost importance, we offer help and advice and would be only too happy to help, whether it be for a tyre pressure check before a long journey or a battery charge test, whatever the task or question we will always try to assist with an answer.

Please use our enquiry form or contact Becky at jwtbecky@hotmail.co.uk for more information or to nominate your school!


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Schools Currently Signed up:

Robert Drake Primary School, Benfleet 

Woodham Ley Primary School, Benfleet

Thundersley Primary School, Benfleet


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